App for personalized training sessions accessible anytime, anywhere.

The platform allows local trainers and fitness enthusiasts to host live training sessions.

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Take your training to the next level.

The client wanted to build a platform where users are able to train with real coaches and continue progress towards their fitness targets from the comfort of your own home.

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The platform needs to host thousands of LIVE training sessions.

It must be blazingly fast, simple to use but also powerful in its capabilites. Here’s what we did.


The biggest challenge was finding a platform for hosting, streaming and delivering LIVE video content. After thorough research, we went trough several candidates and ultimately landed on AWS’s recent addition - Interactive Video Service.

In addition, we needed a way to store the video content for future use. This proved to be a challenge of it’s own, but after talking to the Amazon Sales team, we were added to the Beta release of their cutting edge IVS-Save-To-S3 service.

That meant that we had all the pieces for the streaming puzzle.

Trainetic app live stream solution


The project began with meetings, plannings, and thorough documentation building of each feature and the timeline needed for its completion.

We established project management rules, product scope, technology stack, roles, deliverables and much more. Sprint by sprint, features were being implemented, and the final product slowly but surely came to life.

Along the way, each obstacle was communicated, planned out, and resolved, ultimately creating a MVP that satisfied business needs and was true to it’s plan.

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The MVP development succeeded, and the TRAINETIC team could start focusing on user onboarding and marketing. Before the app went live several trainers/users were onboarded to test out all of the features. The reception was great, and both clients and app consumers were impressed by the design and power of this platform.

We’ll let the following screenshots show the final look and feel of the app.

The app's stunning design and smooth user experience were recognised and awarded by DesignRush in their Fitness design category.

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