About K7 Tech Agency

A team of experts

The whole beauty of collaboration comes down to the act of creating something together. Working as a unit provokes an enhancement of ideas and makes the exchange of knowledge easier, which in turn makes everyone involved strive for excellence. This is exactly what we committed ourselves to on day 1, and every project since has been a testament to our shared values.

Team work that strives for excellence
Organization and team work for best resultsTwo people focused on project
Our agency measured in numbers:

friends founded our company. And we've been growing ever since!


empty chairs in our first office made us hire a new team member.


awesome people is our current team count (next goal: 20).


developers were scratching their foreheads to come up with this content.

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How it began

We started with a shared vision

The idea for starting K7 Tech came back in the military academy. After a long day of work and study, a group of friends would go to Cabinet 7 (Kabinet in Serbian) and talk for hours on end. They would share ideas, talk about their experiences and soon realized they had the same vision for the future - to bring together enthusiasts and experts who want to help others out by creating what they love and believe in.

With our team and our vision steadily growing in the past years, our commitment to creating impeccable solutions for our clients has only gotten stronger.

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Our Story

The story behind our Agency

Today we count more than 10 team members, and what started as  just a couple of friends with an idea for a greater future soon became a reality.


are the core of our business - we have joined forces to guarantee the best for our clients.


by our eagerness to learn, grow and help each other out, we make the impossible possible.


where we nurture collaborative success: we grow as individuals and as a team.


revolving around appreciation, professionalism and dad jokes.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

Communication is key at K7 tech agency


The art of conveying a message without double meaning. With the absence of good communication, a smooth realization of a project is not very likely, so we listen very carefully. We understand what your needs are.

Expertise of a development team


With each person being an expert in their field, we have all aspects of mobile app development covered: iOS developers, Android developers, UI/UX Designers, Project Managers, and the Creative team. We know what you need.

Certainty, assurance, confidence, faith.


Certainty, assurance, confidence, faith. You need somebody you can rely on to execute your project the way you envisioned it. Somebody to deliver quality work and who thrives on exceeding the expectations of the client. We work like that.

Group of experts making your product top notch

Team work

If there's one thing we know from experience, it's that top quality products come together when experts join their forces. But another important (and often overlooked) aspect of team work is involving the creator in the process - this is how we stay true to your vision.

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Our Office

In the center of the world

Did you know that Belgrade is one of the oldest metropolises in Europe, with settlements unceasingly remaining here for at least 7000 years? That’s older than Mesopotamia!

Flag of Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Cara Lazara 5-7, 11000
The world map with dot in the center representing K7 Tech agency office in Belgrade, Serbia