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Project overview

"Heeels" is a helpful tool for all women searching to make a difference it the way they present themselves through movement. The client is a professional coach for women who teaches about elegance and femininity but also strength and self-confidence.

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The goal is to help people feel empowered and beautiful by teaching them simple techniques of body movement.

The users can learn how to walk in different situations through educational videos and exercises within the videos.

This mobile application is made both for iOS and Android mobile devices.


"Heeels" mobile application has 13 major lessons called "Stories." They represent a specific situation a woman can find herself in and shows her the most ladylike way to behave. All of the Stories include elements/exercises such as "Teasing look," "Focus," "Hair flip," and "Posture."

Each story has a trailer as a preview of the exercises. The trailer represents a specific situation, and the elements cover the details of the situation. All of the features are stored on the backend made by Node JS.

We implemented Firebase-analytics in our app, their already existent infrastructure, which helped us focus on the most important aspect - building the best possible mobile application for our users.

In-App purchases were integrated both on Play Store and App Store. Together with our clients, we decided to make an offer for the users so they can get a bundle of exercises for a better price.

We made the option of Guest Log-In, which allows users to buy both stories and elements without having to register - this provides an easy way to use the mobile. The application also allows the user to switch to a safer approach by creating an account and keeping the purchases safely stored on the server.

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Minimalistic design is something every modern app strives to achieve, and perfecting that elegant, simplistic look required constant updates and improvements, such as colors matching the content.

The app's design had to be effective but minimalistic, focusing on the core rules of UI/UX.

On the backend side, the tricky part was creating the best mix of easy to use and safe data transfer.

While most of the common UI elements already have libraries, a lot of combining, calculating and data binding was required to ensure the perfect look of the app.

The challenging part with firebase analytics was combining it with our client's wishes – some of the elements can be found in one or more stories, and we made it easy to understand within the complex system.

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Minimalistic design

2 designers worked on creating a minimalistic design: a brand specialist who understands the needs of future users and a UI/UX designer. Thorough research was necessary to be conducted so we could choose the right design, which was later applied both on the application and the brand.

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Attention to detail

We tested the application and made sure it secured a great user experience. With a proven strategy of agile project management and regular weekly meetings, we made sure each team member worked without many distractions.

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Firebase Analytics

The design team, together with the developers solved the challenges faced with firebase analytics by modifying some elements for tracking according to the clients' wishes.

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We have made a clean, easy to use educational application for iOS and Android, with a bit of a vintage looks which suits the content.

Without any requirements for using the app, the user can jump right away into the content and secure the purchases at any time in the future.

Collaboration in numbers


Story Elements


Educational Stories


iOS developers


Android developers


UX/UI Designers


Web developer


Project manager

The Team

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Uroš Jakovljević

Aleksa Mikić

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Android Developers

Petar Lukić

Dragan Stojanov

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iOS Developers

Nikola Milić

Miloš Mitrović

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Project Managment

Milica Janković