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All that you need in just one app, wrapped up in an eye-catching design and easy-to-use interface.

A next-generation personal trainer created together with the FitFlix group, a regional leader in the fitness industry.


Nutrition plans with recipes and food hacks for a lifestyle on the go. PALEO, KETO, VEGAN...

You name it - it's all in your smartphone.

Fuel your fitness journey with ease! Say goodbye to boring meals and complicated cooking, and hello to tasty, healthy options that fit your goals and schedule.



Whether you prefer to train at home, outdoors, or at the gym, our premade workouts are easy to follow and accessible on-demand.

Simply download the app we have created and choose your screen: use it on your Android or iOS device.

Experience the convenience of a personal trainer in your pocket with FitFlix.


Our advanced algorithm and FitFlix app's extensive video library allow you to easily create personalized training programs, tailored to your fitness level, workout environment, and equipment.

Forget about generic workouts and welcome a personalized, results-driven experience that will keep you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals.

We made it easy for you with FitFlix app.


Our app provides you with comprehensive analytics to track your workout success.

Monitor your progress, set new goals, and take your fitness journey to the next level with FitFlix's advanced tracking and analytics capabilities.


Level up your fitness journey with FitFlix's Achievement Badges.

Collect badges for using all of our app's features, from training plans to progressing on your diet.


FitFlix is available for iOS and Android devices.

Download the app today and start your journey to a healthier, stronger you.

Our Role in FitFlix app

Native Android and iOS development
UX / UI adjustments
Project Management
QA / Testing
Front-end web development (Dashboard)
Product development consulting
App Store / Google Play deployment

Product advisory and consulting in app development

As trusted advisors, we provided product consulting services to suggest the best road for the app's success by setting up priorities and suggesting features that would add value to the app. Those features were carefully designed by our product development team by analyzing the industry best practices and user needs. We planned the upgrades from the beginning, so the app could go live and start generating income while still being upgraded with new functionalities.

Throughout the entire app development process, we worked closely with the client to ensure the application's success, consistently aiming to help increase revenue by providing the best possible product for users. We supported the client not only through our technical expertise but also by leveraging our team’s combined experience in building successful products.

Overall, together with the client we created a top-notch product, by applying our expertise in app development and product consulting.

Innovation in FitFlix app development - AI integration

Innovation was key to delivering the best value for the client's investment in FitFlix app development. Our team approached the challenge with out-of-the-box thinking and implemented several innovative solutions. With the use of AI, we created a smart data input system, enabling the client to add numerous content elements in significantly less time. Powered by the AI integration we developed, the required information would be automatically added, and the required fields auto-filled, making it a seamless process for the client. As the content provider was the client and the database was large, we opted for Google Sheets as a base tool for data entry. We wanted to use software that the client was already comfortable with, saving the time needed for familiarizing with a new tool. It's worth emphasizing that we developed custom scripts to optimize data input to Google Sheets, and formulated validation rules that prevent human error in the process. This approach saved both development time and time spent exchanging data between our team and the client's team.

Challenges in app development - FitFlix data migration

When our team embarked on the FitFlix journey, an Android app was already built, but had limitations in working and further scaling. We sat together with the client, assessed all options, and ultimately chose to retain certain aspects of the previous Android app. Although, we significantly revamped it, overcame its limitations, and greatly enhanced it with new features and capabilities. A particular challenge during the app development process was migrating parts of the existing Android app and database to the new system that we identified as the optimal solution for the app. Nevertheless, through meticulous planning and execution by our team, we successfully completed the transfer. Choosing to migrate and adjust the existing data, helped our client in reducing the need for manual data entry.

How we ensured the best testing process for app development

To ensure the best possible end result for the client, we designed the app development and product development process to be iterative and have several deployment and testing phases. These phases were Dev, Stage, Candidate Release, and Release. Each phase had its own specific testing procedures and was conducted in different environments to ensure that the app was functioning as expected and was stable. For instance, important features such as in-app purchases underwent thorough testing through multiple services to ensure their flawless functioning and stability before being released to end users.

To briefly explain the testing phases:

  • Dev: In this phase, our development and testing teams collaborate to write the code and add new features to the app, ensuring each component is carefully tested in the development environment. Caching all the bugs as early as in this phase, helps us ensure optimal performance of the app.

  • Stage: Here, both our team and the client's product team test the app in an environment that closely resembles the production setting, allowing us to identify and address potential issues effectively.

  • Candidate Release: During this phase, the app is scrutinized in a production environment by a select group of people, to catch any potential issues before it is released to the public, guaranteeing a polished final product.

  • Release: This final phase marks the public release of the app after it has undergone rigorous testing, in this final stage we closely monitor the app’s functioning as a larger number of users are onboarded.

By incorporating these testing phases into our app and product development processes, we succeeded in delivering a high-quality, reliable product that not only met the client's expectations but also provided users with a seamless experience.

Tech Stack handpicked for FitFlix by our app development experts

After considering numerous factors in the app development process, we decided to work with a native stack for the mobile front-end of the FitFlix app. This was due to the app's complexity and the need for flexibility in handling its various features. 

Given the large databases and the need for fast interactions with the app, we required a tabular type of database that would enable the client's personnel to add new content. We chose PostgreSQL as it offers the best option for establishing connections between data entities while keeping everything fast and smooth.

To develop the dashboard, we used React.js on the front-end. This is a popular framework in the market and offered us the best way to control the dashboard during the product development phase.

For hosting, we chose AWS because it not only provided the best solution for cloud hosting that we needed but also offered services that simplified the heavy lifting of more complex challenges on the platform. With the setup we implemented, all multimedia is automatically reformatted, making it easier for the client to upload new content.

Working with the K7 Tech team

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