Every player should have a better chance to be scouted and every scout should have an extra tool to simplify his work.

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Talento Today app screen

project summary

Our team has built an iOS and Android application that is used by coaches of youth amateur football teams. The application enables coaches to conduct standardized tests, film their players and tag them in the videos.

As a coach, you can use the app to:

Talento Today Profile Card

Create and organize your profile

Talento Today Manage Card

Build and manage your own team, with player profiles which contain all necessary information

Talento Today Results Card

Memorize results of standardized training exercises

Talento Today Content Card

Get professional training content

Talento Today Video Card

Upload and rate videos of youth amateur players

Talento Today Analytics Card

Test the players and get real-time analytics

about the client:

Dyon and Predrag, the founders of TALENTO TODAY, met while studying abroad at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. They attended classes of business and economics together and quickly realized that they complement each other perfectly, having similar interests and visions. They share great enthusiasm for new technologies, entrepreneurship and, above all, football. In 2017 the two decided to turn their enthusiasm for these topics into their profession and founded TALENTO TODAY, changing the existing ‘status quo’ situation in scouting.

in numbers

Client budget

2500 - 10000

Team size

6 people

Period of engagement

Dec '18 - Jan '19

Client location

Stuttgart, Germany

we faced:

Creating a new, improved design based on the existing solution

Synchronization of the front end & back end development

Acceptance of the app business model at the iOS app store


In accordance with the Project Manager and Product Owner’s guidelines, the UX team conducted research of the current state on the market regarding predominant colors, football teams’ identities and players. Based on the results, we analyzed the older version of the app and separated the favorable from unsuitable features. After consulting our client, the UX team proposed new use cases for the app, introducing different screens and providing an improved experience to the existing users.

Talento Today App Previews
Talento Today wireframe

Synchronization of the Front end & Back end development

We prepared a plan of developing the app through several phases using Scrum Agile methodology. Frontend development was crucial in the beginning, but since this is a startup environment, the dynamic of the project was really high. Synchronization was maintained through the daily stand-ups and continuous documentation of updates between the client, designers, and developers.

Acceptance of the app business model at the iOS store

Apple has proven strict about its policies regarding acceptance to the App Store community with every app having to go through a rigorous process of review. Talento Today was reviewed and modified several times until satisfying Apple's guidelines. Mostly it was due to the app being closed for registration. Apple does not approve apps in test/beta phases to be released, so we implemented registration process that satisfies Apple's standards, but also corresponds with Talento Today's business model of verifying coaches before giving them access to an account.

the team:

Project Management

Milica Janković


Uroš Jakovljević

Android Developer

Petar Lukić

iOS Developer

Nikola Milić

Node.js Developer

Mihajlo Stamenković

Frontend Developer

Milutin Pešikan