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Record phone calls easily! Call Recorder works on both incoming and outgoing calls!

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Project Overview

Our client saw the potential for a new call recorder app in the iOS market. Together we created a new mobile application, with their ideas of improving existing models of recoding and our development and market research. This easy-to-use iOS app allows you to record, save, and store your calls while making them easily accessible without eating up your storage space.

It is a simple and elegant mobile app with a clean and effective UI/UX, having a backend implementation and data storage on the server.


Call Recorder Record and Play Recorded calls feature
The app allows you to record inbound and outbound calls. Audios are saved, and they can be replayed.
Call Recorder Share Recorded calls feature
As soon as phone call ends, recording becomes instantly available and are easy to share.
Call Recorder iOS In-App Purchases feature
The App uses
In-App Purchase, which allows auto-renewable subscription on a monthly basis.
Call Recorder iOS SMS verification feature
The app uses SMS verification to register the users. The user enters a phone number to receive an SMS with the registration code.
Call Recorder iOS GIFs Video Tutorials feature
The detailed instructions with pictures and GIFs show how the app can be used.


The first task was to get ourselves familiar with the possibilities and functionalities of Twilio, service that simplifies communication between mobile devices, applications, services, and systems. After successfully implementing Twilio, we started with In-App Purchases, the most time-consuming part of mobile development. It had to provide a free trial period of 5 days to let the clients test the iOS app and get the feel of it, after which the user is charged monthly depending on the geographical location of the app user.

Our main concern was to make the application user-friendly with a polished UI/UX. This means that the application interface had to be clean and intuitive, and together with our client we made it exactly like that. Knowing that a lot of people learn by watching, we decided to help our app users understand the flow of this iOS application by integrating helpful tutorials for inbound and outbound calls in the form of images and GIFs. Recording reproduction had to be managed by using audio and video libraries. The audio player allows the user to go through the recording and manage the general flow of it.

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By advising with our colleagues, researching and understanding Twilio documentation even better we quickly overcame all the challenges. SMS verification proved to be an easy job for Call-recorder mobile app, while the most intriguing part of app development was enabling the reproduction of recorded calls on mobile devices and auto-renewable In-App Purchases.

Researching the best UI/UX practices for this iOS mobile app, we decided to implement informative and simple tutorials for our users. Apple documentation on audio and video library helped us get an insight into how to create the best possible audio player for recording audio reproduction.

Screens Preview

Call Recorder iOS Screen showing main screen Call Recorder iOS Screen showing Recordings screen Call Recorder iOS Screen showing subscription screen Call Recorder iOS Screen showing features screen


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This is a very intuitive and effective iOS mobile app, with a clean code approach allowing easy app maintenance. In addition to satisfying our client, we learned a lot more about the Twilio services in the process of app development.
The end result is an aesthetically pleasing interface for an elegant iOS mobile application.

"Communication was top-notch - definitely one of the best teams we worked with."

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Client Review by David J.

"Even when things did not go well (which can happen in a technical project) they continually kept up communication and worked effectively to solve problems, even bringing in a third party to help when needed in order to get the project done well.

As expressed above, communication was excellent and always prompt. From a technical and design standpoint, the team is very strong. Ultimately the project was delivered very close to original estimates, which is rare."

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Project Manager

Milica Janković

UI/UX Designer

Uroš Jakovljević

Frontend Developer

Milutin Pešikan

iOS Developer

Dejan Matović

iOS Developer

Nikola Milić

iOS Developer

Miloš Mitrović