Street Bite

A love affair with street food


A heaven for street food lovers

Street Bite is an ambitious project built for a client who needed a way to aggregate street-food vendors in the wide London area. We dealt with both the front-end and the back-end development and created a fully functional web application, paying special attention to ensuring an impressive user experience. The users can look up vendors either by searching for a specific food/cuisine or by browsing the interactive map and selecting their market of choice.

London is famous for its bustling street markets filled with delicious foods from cuisines all over the world - Street Bite helps you explore them!

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Mobile screen traders sectionMobile screen FAQ section
Mobile screen landing pageMobile screen explore section

The development experience

The client approached us with a full-fledged idea of the product: they provided the complete UI/UX design, which made the development process that much easier. We built out the front and the back-end of the web application, and then finally seamlessly connected the two into a well-crafted website with a unique look and a smooth user experience.


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To create the Street bite app, we used the MERN stack in combination with a Mapbox integration which allowed for custom, fully unique interactions between the user and the map.We also implemented Algolia’s API-platform that allows users to perform an advanced map filtering based on the term they enter in the search bar.

Get around on your own terms

Let's have a look at the possible scenarios the users can encounter  while browsing!

Know where you want to go, but you are not sure what kind of cuisine you will find there? By selecting a market of choice on the map, you are presented with all the exciting options awaiting you!

Vice versa, if you are in for an adventure and a nice stroll around London city with a particular craving on your mind, you can look up the exact places that offer the type of food you are after.

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Who are the users?

Taking into consideration the different types of users who would be accessing StreetBite, we implemented 4 user-types in total:

-the admin on the business-owner's dashboard
-the Foodies looking for a place to grab a bite
-the Brands marketing themselves - food stands belonging to a market
-finally, the Markets aggregating various brands in a single area

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The result

StreetBite has helped dozens of small brands market themselves and reach consumers, as well as made finding a new place they'll love coming back to easier for food lovers.

Do you have an idea of your own that you think will be helpful to the community? Get in touch with our team of experts, and we'll help you make it a reality!

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