Inventory management software

We break down a few custom-made inventory management projects we developed for clients in various industries.

With the e-commerce industry growing immensely in recent years, even traditional retailers have had to adapt and improve their online presence to keep up with increasing customer demands. The good news for business owners is - digitalization doesn’t only improve customer experience, it also helps with keeping track of internal business processes.

fast track

This admin dashboard was crafted keeping both esthetics and functionality in mind. The particularities of our client's business needs are reflected in the multifunctional dashboard that enables detailed tracking of inventory, thus making demand planning easier and sales results transparent through clear, measurable data.

urban shop

In the fashion world especially, presentation is everything, which is why this admin dashboard is as functional as is good-looking. Clean lines, smart choice of contrasting colors, and plenty of options make keeping customer behavior records a breeze.

Sweet Dessert

Easy on the eyes, but at the same time informative as well as intuitive - this dashboard is a perfect management tool for our most delicious client! This feature-rich software provides valuable insights for the business owner. By analyzing the metrics, this business optimizes  processes on the go as they always have up-to-date information on the current state of orders.

Real-world results

Even though we structured each solution around the industry-specific needs of our clients, they all shared certain problems and pain points that needed to be addressed. The results in all analyzed cases are straightforward: streamlined business processes, clear customer behavior data, and precise inventory tracking.

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