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Client's expectations

Our client needed a modern web solution that accurately and elegantly presents their business to visitors. Based on the requirements, we concluded that Webflow is the most suitable solution in this case - the key points were easily manageable content, a modular website structure and an integration with Eventbrite.

Purform Landing Page Laptop Mockup

A modern website design to boost your business

Our client chose a minimalistic solution inspired by the latest trends in web design. The contrasting color scheme and sharp edges are visually effective, but still allow for the content to tell its own story without being distracting. Relying on the latest developments in web development, we used modern animations to make sure that the website appears dynamic and engaging to the user. Both a client and user favorite, the Parallax scroll effect is an indispensable part of making a page stand out and it was the final touch that made our client’s project visually pleasing and easy to browse.

Purfrom website three screens
Purform website section preview
Purform website landing preview
Purform website section preview

Integrated event booking

One of our client’s key requests was integrating the newly-built website with Eventbrite, an event management platform that enables business owners to get events booked straight on their calendar, making the experience simpler for their customers as well. This integration renders the UX more pleasant for website visitors too, since they don’t have to navigate away from the page to complete the booking.

Purfrom website six screens
Purform website people section preview
Purform website landing preview
Purform website people section preview
Purform website section preview
Purform website trophy section preview
Purform website rock section preview

The Agile approach in action

Our client employs the Agile methodology to bring value to their clients, so it should come as no surprise that we relied upon the same method to deliver the product in a timely manner.

Even with the project being relatively straightforward, our developers preferred direct daily communication. This was beneficial for both sides, since the client was able to communicate their expectations and wishes in real time, so the development moved swiftly and efficiently.

Mobile responsiveness

With mobile traffic rapidly catching up to desktop traffic in the recent years, our developers are focused on ensuring impeccable device responsiveness for all of our web projects. We tested our client’s website on multiple mobile devices and screen sizes, optimizing the design in the process. Luckily, the Webflow editor makes mobile optimization as painless and quick as possible and the results are just as stunning as the full-size desktop version.

Modular page structure - restyling made easy

Interestingly, this was one of the few Webflow projects that did not need a CMS solution (since the client did not have the need to constantly update certain sections such as a blog page), but we got the chance to implement Webflow modules.

Same as a typical CMS, these modules enable the client to independently make certain edits on the page - each page section is actually a module, usually consisting of some text and an image. If the client decides to make some style changes, all sections that have been created using the same module will follow those updates, making it quick and easy to freshen up the look of the website or edit sections according to need.

Purform website section preview
Purform website multiple screens preview

Google Maps integration

In order to keep the same look and feel across the website, we integrated a custom Maps solution that is a visual match to our project - a simple color scheme that fits seamlessly on-page and doesn’t disrupt the client’s branding choices.

Purform website map preview

A website for present-day businesses

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