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5 tips for hiring a development team to help grow your startup

Here is how to find coding gurus that will take your startup to the next level by making a web and mobile app.

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If you are a tech startup, you should understand the value of hiring inventive developers better than the well-established enterprises. That's because every member matters. Every link in the chain is important. Mobile app developers are at the core of every great application, and mobile app quality is the backbone of your business.

We at K7 Tech know that if you are a startup company looking to upgrade your business with an amazing app, you can rely on this article to give you a fresh take on how to identify app development enthusiasts who could bring a lot of value to your business and help you scale quickly.

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An expert in one area or a group of experts which cover it all? A common issue most mobile development companies face is the fact that one person cannot do everything at the same level of expertise. Someone may be a master of one trade, say, iOS app development, but probably won’t have the same level of expertise in android apps. This is exactly why app development teams are a must for your businesses to grow.

The more versatile your talent is, the more they know about different workflows. Hence, they can supervise teams and projects, not to mention, handle chaotic situations in which the subject matter expert is not available and the team needs someone to step up. You need someone with analytical skills, development finesse, cross-platform but also native development mojo, creativity, and a knack for teamwork, on top of the developer and the crew members being able to use the tools of your choosing for communication and collaboration. And that someone cannot be just one person, but rather a group of individuals working towards the same goal with each member of the team being an important cogwheel of the machine. While it seems like a tall order, having highly functional team is a sure way to success.

Tip: At the time of hiring, check the portfolios of the teams and the platforms they have previously worked on.


One of the core strengths of any great enterprise is the ability to communicate and collaborate in a certain way within the organized structures and hierarchies. The same applies to the development team you are going to hire to make an app for scaling your business. Your app development team needs to be willing to work as a part of the company and in compliance with your regulations and company ideals.

Tip: It's always a good idea to give your potential development team a probationary period in which they have to solve a task, so you can check their progress and go from there.

Hiring a developer Team Matching Values


Now, this is very difficult to determine at an initial stage. The ideal development team must be able to understand the core values of your startup. For that, they must have the ability to soak up as much information about your company and its needs in order to provide the app you are going to love. This sort of learning-and-implementation ability is something many app development professionals lack. You need someone who can quickly understand your wishes and ideas. It's the only way to provide your company with a useful app you are happy with.

Tip: Make sure that the development team you choose is adaptable and ready to do a thorough research on your company’s values and ideals. Check if their way of working suits your needs. Maybe you can ask them to fill in a questionnaire which would provide all the information you need.


The most important thing to focus on when hiring a development team to make an app for you, is to look for them in the right place. While platforms like LinkedIn are great, they don't necessarily offer a lot of talent-filtering. The best way to scope developer talent is to look for them at proper places. Many enterprises owe their success to app development warriors they found at hackathons and developer events. If you want great, passionate developers, try searching for them on platforms where they are visible as teams and where they market themselves. Places such as Clutch.org, UpWork, Appfutura, etc. are the way to go.

Tip: If you are not sure how to search for developers on your own, find someone in that field to help you. That includes project managers, business developers, UI/UX Designers, other iOS, Android, and Web developers.

Hiring a developer Team Trust Your Team


If you want to hire someone, in this case, a mobile app team to upgrade your startup, the most important variable is to enable people give you the best possible results. That means you should take the experts’ opinions seriously and use their knowledge in the field of mobile app development to benefit your business. A lot of work has to be delegated to experts who know how to build mobile apps, so just find the right ones and then trust them to do their job.

Tip: Try searching for teams which have already made a similar app to what you would like. They have gone through the whole process of making a specific app you desire, or something comparable.

Thanks to today’s diverse competition and a talent pool that is equally picky, hiring has become an art in itself. We hope this article provided you actionable tips for finding your next team of appsperts!