Grow your business with mobile apps

How mobile apps can help you grow your business

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In today's` world, the majority of people use their phones every single day. Every single day and many times a day, be it for work, or simply to pass time while commuting. It is no wonder that mobile phones - mobile applications to be exact - are indeed the best place to promote a product or a service and find your loyal clientele. Did you know that 90% of the time spent on mobile phones is spent on applications?

We at K7Tech Agency work in the field of mobile app development and have learned through experience how big of a role both iOS and Android mobile applications play in the success of businesses. That is why in this article we are going to explore the ways how mobile apps can help your business grow massively.

Mobile Apps Increase brand awareness

1. Apps Increase brand awareness

Since people spend many hours a day on their phones using apps - social media apps to a large extent- mobile applications act as a commercial for your brand. Think of them as a small-sized billboard advertisement. The users look at them every time they turn on their phone and get reminded of your business's benefits. The main thing to keep in mind is that apps actually help people save time and money. Some of the reasons why include:

1. Location-based marketing help target your audience with a specific location and offer relevant information to the user in that area.
2. Push notifications prompt direct communication and help inform the audience about all the news you have for them.
3. Instantaneous feedback from your customers will help you improve your service.
4. Grow the number of loyal customers by regularly offering special promotions and discounts. .

2. Apps help generate more income

One of the main reasons every business should have both Android and an iOS mobile app is that you can directly profit from them. In-App purchases are essentially fees a customer pays to use the app. Not all apps require in-app purchases as they can offer added bonus features. An option that has found great success is subscriptions. Users pay for monthly/yearly access to the feature and commit themselves to use your product. Furthermore, you can offer a free month trial and within that period build trust with your future audience.

Very important to note here is creating an account on App Store or Google Play. In order to create an account there, you have to enter credit card details to pay for any apps you download. Since apps are directly connected to those platforms, paying for In-App purchase is done by paying on App Store or Google Play.

Mobile Apps help generate more income

3. Apps help your business be more efficient

Feature integration within the app helps both your team and your customers be more efficient. An air company that has its own iOS and Android mobile application might allow online booking just for their airline and in such a way build great trust with its customers. In order to understand which feature does your app need, you have to think of yourself as a customer. So, here are some examples of the questions you can ask:

1. Is this app for a wider market or just for one country?
2. What kind of information do they want to know? Do the research and make a specific questionnaire.
3. Would your customers use in-app purchases such as monthly subscription and if yes, would they continuously do so?

Depending on your project there are many ways to make a business more efficient but thorough research is necessary.

4. Apps let you be original

As hard as it may be to perceive, even when there are a lot of applications both for Android and iOS out there, a lot of businesses still don`t use them. Mobile applications are yet to reach “prime time” in the world of business development. Apps allow users to enjoy all the benefits that your company offers all the while building trust. By showing the customers that you truly care about their experience while using your product, you gain respect and a new audience.

These are just some of the many possibilities that apps provide for your businesses. Use the opportunity to find and keep loyal clientele, answer your clients' needs, gain recognition and respect, build trust. By making applications to help businesses thrive, companies distinguish themselves from the competition by a large margin.